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Crazy Year !!!!

Crazy Year!


What a year this has been. It’s been all about what I hate the most, change. There are some people out there that love changes and say change is what drives them. I guess I would have to agree that change drives me as well. Problem is, it just drives me crazy. I’m the kind of guy that believes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I just like to keep oiling a good running machine that keeps on doing what it was engineered to do.


I would have to say the most significant changes in my new life is, my new wife and my new home and my new family. These three things alone have put me into a spin like nothing I have ever experienced and has put my 78-year-old mind and body in very unfamiliar territory. To say I just want my life to be as it once was, is an understatement, but that was yesterday and yesterday is gone, forever. Choosing my everyday path is a challenge I never thought I would have to face, yet here I am carefully planning and plotting my every move so not to have any regrets. I just want to end up like in that old Frank Sinatra song where it says “regrets I ‘ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.”


My new building is done, and I am just waiting for all the new overhead doors and openers to be installed, all 5 of them. Once this is done, I will be able to move everything, from my old garage, over to the new garage and begin to ready my previous home and all its contents for auction on the 22nd of October. In addition to everything else, I will be auctioning off all of Diana’s snowmobile gear, clothing, boots accessories, helmets, gloves, and apparel. There will be numerous men’s jackets, pants, helmets, gloves, and everything else you would ever need to be warm and look good in the snow. Please write this date down. I would love to see you there.


Know the vast complexities of life I will be facing in the next few days and weeks ahead; I had asked Len Neisler your ISA Vice President to facilitate the September and October ISA Board Meetings. He agreed, it’s nice to know I have someone so capable to fill in when needed. Thanks Len.


This is a year where we did not go on any extended ATV trip with friends from our club. My schedule along with everyone else’s totally conflicted and all summer we just couldn’t seem to bring it together. We all wanted to, but it just didn’t happen and now we are all thinking we are into the start of fall and still no big club ride. We are all disappointed and are now resigning to the fact the season is gone. I truly hope this has not been the case for you and hope you have all had a chance to get out there and enjoy the summer fun.

Not having the ISA ATV Jamboree this year was another huge disappoint for many of us ISA directors. It was our intent to host it once again, but we just couldn’t pick a date that didn’t pose major conflict with another event or pick a date when we could all get together to make the games happen. Nothing fell together, hopefully next year.


I can’t help but wonder how the cost of fuel, sleds, accessories, food, and lodging are going to effect how we travel and ride this coming season. We are all feeling the pinch of this wonderful economy and I cannot help but think our snowmobile season may be compromised in some fashion. I believe the one thing that will help push us through it is, we already know that snowmobiling, in general, is a very expensive sport and the ones that are well vested in it will push through it no matter what the cost. But I know there are others that will find it a bit more challenging as their families have to come first. Closer and shorter trips may be for many of us this winter. Either way, I just hope you all find the time and means to get out there and enjoy this awesome sport.


Next issue we will be talking about some changes in the format of the upcoming ISA Ride-In.